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Add audio, video, and social to your products

Aircore’s real-time social infrastructure makes it easy to join the era of social transformation. Give your users the immediate shared experiences they want with fast and flexible SDKs.

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Communications platform
Unified communications platform

Aircore brings together everything you need to add robust real-time social to your apps and sites.

We do the heavy lifting with our fully integrated suite of builder-driven SDKs. Our modular solutions work all together or independently to best fit your needs.

With Aircore, you can build your vision of real-time services. No large scale engineering or piecemeal providers required.

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Real-time Social

Why real-time Social (RTS)?

In sync is in demand

Users expect to play, shop, watch, work, and learn together. Your digital platforms need to be immediate and intimate enough to foster actual connections.

Walled gardens keep you out

Today’s social media platforms are purpose-built to keep engagement in. It’s time to break free so you aren’t stuck on the outside of your own social networks.

We broke down the walls

Bandwidth advancements made RTS a possibility for the world. Now Aircore makes RTS a reality for you, thanks to our global infrastructure and low-lift software.

You can own engagement

Social engagement should be in your hands. RTS frees you to unlock value through new growth, retention, and monetization opportunities.

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Designed for builders

  • White label real-time audio, video, and social tools for your products
  • Custom social integrations to increase your engagement, reach, and revenue
  • Battle-tested suite of products for easy building of social experiences
  • Easy-to-implement SDKs to get products live in minutes
  • Hands-on support to get you up and running without hassle
  • Straightforward, transparent pricing without surprises

10 years of infrastructure development and WebRTC experience

Real-time delivery network

Globally distributed WebRTC-based servers guarantee sub-100ms latency via smart routing and load-based scaling.

Battle-tested infrastructure

Industry-leading 99.99% uptime SLA for over 10 years with 4 trillion minutes of audio and video delivered.

Proprietary adaptive algorithms

Budgeted CPU control for better responsiveness, advanced WebRTC optimization for improved mobile battery life, and error correction for poor networks and packet loss.

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