Genuine connection.
Right in your platform.

Aircore delivers real-time video, audio, and text chat to your product through easy, elegant, low-code integrations.

In the era of social transformation, online communities are forming one way or another. Aircore ensures they form right in your product – so you can build authentic engagement and strengthen customer loyalty.
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Drive Engagement

Give your users a natural, convenient, real-time communication experience that leads to longer session duration and vanishing bounce rates.

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Build Loyalty

The authentic connections formed on your platform turn your customers into your champions. That means stronger retention and low-cost viral adoption.

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Foster Community

Transform your platform into a singular destination where your customers can find shared interests and like-minded people – right in the product experience they already love – without disruption.

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Community Tools

Once customers see how easy it is to find natural, authentic connection within your product, you’ll never lose them to external platforms again. Our low-lift integrations instantly enable your platform for live, real-time video, audio, and text communication, delighting your customers with the freedom to interact on their own terms – without ever having to leave your ecosystem.

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