A world of together

Social connectivity is revolutionizing the world. Digital products are more powerful when people are connected to friends and communities they care about. Online Social community belongs in the places we shop, play, create, and experience – all in a world of together.

Building the world of Real-Time Social

With Aircore enabling Real-Time Social for all, digital transformation is giving way to social transformation. And this era of social is real-time and connected.

Real-Time Social for consumers replicates the connectivity and togetherness of live, in-person interactions.

Real-Time Social for companies facilitates seamless workflows and productive business interactions.


Provide the real-time social infrastructure for the internet

Founded by Sean Parker, Daniel Klaus, and Prakash Ramakrishna, Aircore is infrastructure powering the world’s social transformation with real-time communication tools. We asked ourselves: How can we make social a more connected experience and engage communities of people where they are online? Why does online social live in centralized networks separated by walls? …when it could be connected through shared experiences?

We all just need a way to bring people along to share digital experiences like how we connect together in the physical world.  

Immediately. Authentically. Productively. You know, socially. 

We spent ten years building infrastructure and testing our own real-time products to learn and understand how people used these tools. Over the years, we have learned more about real-time connectivity than anyone. We used those learnings to create infrastructure to help your users connect to your platform. When we say that we build real-time social infrastructure for the internet, we bring connection to digital platforms where people gather.

So let’s build together.

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