Add Live Video, Audio, and Text Chat to Your Products

Aircore's easy and elegant suite of web and mobile communication tools empower your users to interact when, how, and with whom they want – without having to seek connection on other platforms. That means increased engagement, loyalty, and customer lifetime value.
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Key Benefits

  • Drive authentic interactions
    Creating a space to form real, fluid, and meaningful interactions delights your customers and leads to longer user sessions.
  • Own the conversation
    Empower your customers to build community right in your product – free of disruption – instead of seeking shared experiences on external platforms like Slack and Discord.
  • Turn your users into your champions
    Aircore’s communication experience fosters a deeper level of connection with your customers – one that they’ll want to keep coming back to and tell their friends about.
  • Get to market faster
    The era of social transformation has companies racing to enable their products for in-app communication. With Aircore’s rapid, low-lift setup, you’ll be leading the pack.
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Customizable SDKs for Any UI

Our intelligent and flexible SDKs integrate seamlessly into your product’s UI, providing everything you need to launch in-app communication in a flash.

Aircore Code

Sync SDK

Our turnkey solution provides the fastest route, with the lowest lift, to get your customers engaged and communicating. All it takes is a few minutes and a line or two of code to add high-quality pre-built UI components for live audio, video, and text chat to your product – maintaining your brand integrity and creating a natural, elegant conversation experience for your users.
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Flex SDK

Flex SDK

Our fully flexible SDKs empower you to build any UI you can imagine, all while providing you with our robust global media infrastructure and base components to get to market quickly. Unlock the power to fully customize your in-app communication experiences with developer-friendly tools that keep you in control.

The Aircore Difference


Throughout 10+ years and ~4 billion minutes, our platform has consistently delivered 99.99% uptime and less than 100 milliseconds of latency.
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Aircore increase engagementp

Designed for developers

With comprehensive and accessible documentation, a wide variety of support options, and minimal coding required to get started, developers have everything they need to seamlessly integrate high-quality communication tools into their UI faster than ever.

Predictable pricing

Forget complex and confusing cost structures that charge across multiple parameters like bandwidth and minutes. With Aircore, you pay only per user – with unlimited per-user minutes – making your spend more predictable and easier to track.
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