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Our social solutions make it easy to keep them engaged on your app or site instead of third-party platforms. Explore some of the popular use cases for Aircore below.

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Workforce Collaboration

Collaborating on a project together while apart

With hybrid work environments becoming the new norm, collaborating from different locations around the world has become a daily occurrence. A virtual collaboration tool was gaining more traction but struggling to keep users on their platform.

With Aircore Sync Audio, they were easily able to embed real-time audio functionality into their tool with just a few lines of code. With real-time audio integrated, users were able to stay on the platform instead of going to a voice chat app to continue their conversations and keep the workflow going. Before long, the company started seeing increased traffic, longer sessions and organic user growth. Without any heavy lifting, collaboration became infinitely more accessible with Aircore.


Gaming together even when around the world

A small game studio had a potential indie darling on their hands, but knew they needed real-time social to bring it all together. While couch co-op might be a thing of the past, social engagement across time zones when gaming is here to stay.

This game developer was able to integrate Aircore Audio, Video, and Social without tying up scarce resources (no noob moves here). As a result, they quickly added the ability to talk and react live, capturing the same camaraderie and trash talk as friends gaming in the same room together. Plus, Aircore Social’s functionality made it easy to set up different groups based on game modes and user language, with Live Moderation tools scrubbing offensive material from video streams of replays and text chats during live streams.

wellness group audio
wellness group audio
Consumer apps

Supporting wellness & their own social engagement

One of the top wellness apps in the world was losing engagement because they didn’t have chat rooms of their own. When users started their own social media support groups elsewhere, this wellness brand suddenly had no control of the misinformation that often spreads on third-party sites.

The cure for this lost traffic and social engagement? Aircore Social’s group chat SDK. This wellness app was quickly on the mend after launching their own robust support group network. New users could finally chat with veteran users for tips or receive advice from the app’s in-house medical professionals. Plus, the app was able to reduce churn among subscribers at risk of leaving due to low engagement.


Hitting the high notes of fan engagement

A pop star is releasing her long-awaited new single this Friday. Before it drops, she’s giving super fans a chance to hear it first and react in real time, just like they were in the audience.

With Aircore’s Audio, Video, and Social technology, this talented celeb is also giving her mailing list subscribers a secret code to join her invite-only release room. Fans around the world will be able to watch her live stream. While engaged fans are reacting by chat and emoji, the pop star can reply through live video. Some extra lucky music lovers will even get to chat live with her and buy an exclusive merch bundle.

artist with fan group chat
classroom app with chat
Social and education

Boosting student engagement with a social layer to online classes

Ever since the pandemic, this famed university was looking for new ways to engage their students online. The standard live streaming software they used for online classes lacked true engagement. Students were limited to simply commenting on their professor’s or fellow classmates’ posts, with no further interactions available. This software didn’t allow students to be present, send emojis or reactions, or ask questions in real time.

When the university integrated Aircore’s Audio, Video, and Social SDKs, professors found their classes come to life in a whole new way. Now, when they teach on camera, students send applause sounds when they love something they heard. They can ask questions live in chat or jump on audio to ask something, replicating the social interaction of attending class in-person. Altogether, the result is a more active and engaged learning experience with a higher retention rate for students.


The best unboxing happens on your own site

A celebrity-led beauty brand was looking to drive more engagement and profits. Their mega influencer founder was savvy enough to know she wanted to keep traffic on her site, but didn’t have the tech know-how to solve it on her own. She was stuck promoting her brand on other social platforms.

Until her small team discovered Aircore’s no-code solutions and quickly smashed that subscribe button. The celeb founder was able to introduce her new product line through an unboxing live stream on her own platform. She even did a tutorial for her engaged and loyal customers, including a Q&A session in real time.

In addition to increasing traffic to her own site, this influencer also got more email signups and sales from her brand’s other product lines. All without any coding (or chipped nails).

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