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See how businesses like yours can strengthen relationships with their customers, drive engagement and loyalty, and foster in-platform community.

Our social solutions make it easy to keep users of all types engaged on your app or site instead of third-party platforms.
Aircore gaming

Web & Mobile Gaming

An expanded gaming experience for more engaged players

When it comes to player interactions, the gameplay itself is only the beginning. Gaming drives conversations – and Aircore makes sure those conversations happen within your platform, not around it. In just a few minutes and a line or two of code, you can transform your game into a community where players can connect on a deeper level.

  • In-app communication drives engagement and keeps conversations from leaking to external platforms.
  • Our Flex SDKs empower you to build a fully customized in-game communication experience.
  • Prebuilt UI integrations add audio and chat to your game with no heavy lifting.


Socialized content to drive audience engagement

Your content is great, and you’re adding more of it every day. Still, engagement on your platform hasn’t taken off the way you’d hoped. Aircore’s real-time social (RTS) modules give visitors a whole new way to engage with your content – and with each other – so you can build an in-platform community that drives retention and adoption.

  • Empower users to react to your content together in real time
  • Prebuilt UI integrations add audio and chat to your platform with no heavy lifting.
  • Adding a social component to your platform drives further engagement with your content.
Aircore Media
Aircore Music


Keep fans and artists connected with in-platform communication

From live performances to jam sessions, music is one of the most social experiences in our culture. Why shouldn’t that extend to the digital platforms where we consume it? Aircore’s real-time social (RTS) integrations connect fans, artists, and platforms on a deeper level, driving stronger engagement and higher retention.

  • Empower fans to react to music, connect with artists, and more – all within your platform.
  • Prebuilt UI integrations add audio and chat to your platform with no heavy lifting.
  • Bringing fans closer to each other, and to the artists they love, keeps them engaged.


Bring virtual classrooms to life with real-time communication

Real-time interaction among students and educators makes for a more enriching educational experience. But replicating that interaction in virtual settings is a persistent challenge. Aircore’s real-time social (RTS) modules transform the virtual classroom into a thriving community where students and educators can communicate just as dynamically as in a physical room.

  • Robust communication features keep students connected – and off external platforms.
  • Prebuilt UI integrations add audio and chat to your platform with no heavy lifting.
  • More dynamic communication experiences drive student engagement.

Aircore education

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